Personal Assistant

A dedicated personal assistant service is available 24/7 to help you organise your life and stay on top of your busy schedule. Booking appointments, finding quotes, sourcing products and sending reminders – all of this is taken care of. This convenient service is all you’ll need to help you run your life smoothly and more efficiently.


Organising an event can take up a lot of time, but when you’re a member of My Conciergerie, you don’t need to worry about planning, negotiating, booking, or delivering. As a member, all you have to do is phone us and explain what you need for your event, and we’ll do the rest.


Any item or service you need can be sourced by the skilled My Conciergerie team. From sourcing items (whether they’re common or unique), to negotiating for the best price, we will find anything you’re looking for.


As a busy professional, there isn’t always time to take care of everything you need to, but My Conciergerie is available to help. If you’ve forgotten to buy a gift, or arrange a lift, let us help you with whatever you need to do.